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Professional Development



Allows educators to scan major news articles with easy access to the full articles or save the titles for later. You can even share the articles with friends and other coworkers. An excellent tool for individualized professional development.


Students, teachers and parents can access the Common Core State Standards within seconds. A great resource!


This is the app for the TED Talks, a series of lectures by leading intellectuals and public figures on a wide variety of topics. The entire catalogue of talks is available here and searchable both by topic and by speaker. An awesome app!


Imagine students in a Spanish class actually interacting with fellow students in Spain--with Skype, it's possible. Skype allows for video calls through iPads, iPhones, or computers, helping students and teachers make meaningful connections beyond the walls of the classroom. An excellent 21st century resource!

VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that has images, documents and videos. People can leave comments via video (webcam), text, audio file or through voice (using a mic or telephone). Users can doodle while commenting as well as pick which comments are being shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can be exported to MP3 players or DVDs.

Pinterest is an online scrapbook with the ability to link the idea to the original source. When signing up for Pinterest, a "Pin It" button is added to your toolbar. When surfing the web, if a teacher sees a book that they want their students to read or art that they are studying then they can click "Pin It". The link to the website is provided with a picture and a short description that the teacher can add. Students can then search throughout the teacher's profile see links to anything that the teacher has pinned for there students. Even students can create something similar for their teachers to look at.