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Mr. Gary Pflueger



Message From Superintendent Pflueger

Boundary County is a unique area isolated by geographic and economic lines. Within our beautiful country side are deeply loyal individuals who hold a passion for their livelihood and families. Though most people are self-sufficient, the education of the children is entrusted to trained professionals. Here is where the Boundary Superintendent - Gary PfluegerCounty School District comes in! Boundary County School District’s reputation has been strong in the past; we have learned from this, on this our future will be built! Continual changes in society and technology force us to adapt. It is our charge to prepare our students for a new and an unknown work force. This is our challenge and we will succeed.

Last school year, 2017-2018, our school population was 1,400 students K-12 and we graduated 105 students from Bonners Ferry  High School. Serving these students were 86 certified teachers and 111 classified staff. The biggest issue within our District is declining enrollment; we are down 260 students over the last 10 years. My goal is to entice families and new business to Boundary County by providing a strong, competitive school program. I firmly believe we have the personnel and resources to do this.

This is my vision and plan:

Maintain high behavioral expectations for all students and staff in all schools

Protect manageable class sizes in the primary grades

Provide an academic program that meets the needs of all students, ie. Collegiate Bound, Vocational, Technical, Service Industry, and Teacher Preparation.

By creating a consistent program based on what is best for our children, these goals will be met. Now is the time, either we pull together or we will pull apart. There really is no in between! I am excited to be a part of a new era in Boundary County School District #101. If you would like to help our program grow, please give me a call or stop by the District Office. We cannot do it alone. As quantified in an age old quote that I firmly believe, “It takes a whole village to raise a child!” We will see you on campus!