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Teacher Code of Ethics

educator code of ethics

Professional Standards Commission - Code of Ethics


  • Principle I - Professional Conduct. A professional educator abides by all federal, state, and local education laws and statutes.
  • Principle II - Educator/Student Relationship. A professional educator maintains a professional relationship with all students, both inside and outside the physical and virtual classroom.
  • Principle III - Alcohol and Drugs Use or Possession. A professional educator refrains from the abuse of alcohol or drugs during the course of professional practice.
  • Principle IV - Professional Integrity. A professional educator exemplifies honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice.
  • Principle V - Funds and Property. A professional educator entrusted with public funds and property honors that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility.
  • Principle VI - Compensation. A professional educator maintains integrity with students, colleagues, parents, patrons, or business personnel when accepting gifts, gratuities, favors, and additional compensation.
  • Principle VII - Confidentiality. A professional educator complies with state and federal laws and local school board policies relating to the confidentiality of student and employee records, unless disclosure is required or permitted by law.
  • Principle VIII - Breach of Contract or Abandonment of Employment. A professional educator fulfills all terms and obligations detailed in the contract with the local board of education or education agency for the duration of the contract.
  • Principle IX - Duty to Report. A professional educator reports breaches of the Code of Ethics for Idaho Professional Educators and submits reports as required by Idaho Code.
  • Principle X - Professionalism. A professional educator ensures just and equitable treatment for all members of the profession in the exercise of academic freedom, professional rights and responsibilities while following generally recognized professional principles.